13 thoughts on “The Future of Book Publishing: Returning to Printed Word?”

  1. Thanks for your interesting posts! I couldn’t pass this one by, as I am a committed (should be committed?) bibliophile. Hooked on books, as the say – the printed, tangible, paper kind. Although so much of our information is moving to digital forms (witness the move away from physical information storage of any kind, towards the cloud), it is my sincere hope that our need to touch our books will preserve the printed book. Perhaps books will persevere as an artform, if nothing else? I’m filling my house with a lifetime supply, just in case. Call me old fashioned, but an evening in that favorite chair by the fire with an e- reader just isn’t all that it could be.


    1. You are certainly not the only one with an affection for print books (as you can see here). I’m sure the physical books will still be around for a long time, but who knows what it will mean for our future generation to “read”? We are all very interested to find out 😉


  2. Hi Sherry. Thanks for liking my blog post. These are interesting subjects. I hope that the physical book is here to stay, not just for the sensuous reasons mentioned above, but because you can see them on your desk – and keep picking them up to dip in.

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  3. I love printed books. The feel of the page, even the smell of it. It’s not the same as a device where you tap the screen and the page advances. There are pros and cons to each, but my favorites I keep in printed form, even if I also own the digital.


  4. The publishing world has changed so much since I wrote by first book back in 2003. Hard to know what the future for it will be like, but I don’t expect e-books will disappear. I hope paper ones don’t either. I like a mix of both. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my site. Much appreciated.


    1. I completely agree with you on the “strange charisma” with paperbacks! However, sometimes I wonder if it’s because we both grow up with printed books…… If future generations are raised with less and less access to hard copies (for whatever reasons), would their perception of this “e-book vs. paperback” competition be completely different from ours? I would feel sad to see paperbacks go, but change is the only constant of our world, and I would love to see how it works out for publishing……


  5. Print will definitely be here for a long, long, loooong time. But I do think that digital hasn’t peaked yet. My little cousin started playing on the computer and iPad when he was 4 – a lot younger than me and older generations. So, I think when they get old enough to read, a lot will prefer the tech.

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