Kindle Self-Publishing Tips: Making Your Book More “Visible”


Brian G. Johnson, author of Azon Bestseller, shares Kindle self-publishing tips and advice that will allow you to drive more traffic and thus make more sales. Talking from his experience as an “Internet Marketer”, Johnson elaborates on how to make your books more “visible” amid the ocean of books on Google and Amazon by explaining how the search engine works.

Please also be aware that some form of self-promotion of the speaker’s book is involved in this short video. While I have no intention at all to promote Johnson’s book per se, producing a tutorial video does seem to be a great marketing idea for self-publishing authors, especially if you are a Youtube savvy.

Video Credit: Brian G. Johnson

7 thoughts on “Kindle Self-Publishing Tips: Making Your Book More “Visible””

  1. Brian, this is absolutely brilliant. I’m super psyched you found me. Your site is invaluable, and I’m watching your videos asap. (I’m watching your current one now.) Thanks!!


  2. I can appreciate what he is saying about the importance of having popular search words in your listing title, but there reaches a point when you lose credibility. When looking at the book, is the title really 13 or 14 words long?


    1. Good point, Storey. I personally do not feel that great about trying to insert popular search words in your title: is it really worth it to do something like this for it’s own sake? And to some degree, don’t we lose our own control of the text when too much is devoted into becoming “searchable”? Nevertheless, I think what he says might be helpful for some authors out there, who are desperately looking for ways to increase their visibility……


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