Why I Heart the Bookternet

“At your average book publisher, 10 years ago was a time before the internet.” Rachel Fershleiser, who now works on Tumblr’s outreach team, helps authors and publishers reach new audiences. Rachel takes us through an evolution from reading and writing as entirely “solitary pursuits” to the development of online tools that enable collaboration and community. She shares great stories and innovations that connect readers and writers like never before, in a publishing industry that is becoming more democratized and accessible.

What has actually happened in the past ten years of publishing, with the emergence of digital community? Are books and the Internet really in opposition to each other? And what will the next ten years of publishing be like, with the technologies that are here to stay and more business models on the rise?

Video Credit: TEDxGowanus

9 thoughts on “Why I Heart the Bookternet”

  1. This was a great Ted Talk. Being an writer with a book coming out this Spring 2015, I am excited with idea of writers connecting directly with their readers and doing so both face-to-face and virtually. It seems we in the writing community are moving in many was that empower us and free us from the middle people.

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    1. I’m thinking that novelists will be able to reach their audiences using the internet much like musicians have done in recent years connecting directly with fans allowing them to download a tune.


  2. This is a very interesting video. On the one hand, people could think of the Internet as a waste of time. On the other other, and it’s the thought that springs to my mind when thinking of the Internet, is that it can bring like minded people and authors together and that can only be a good thing.

    As someone said, there’s no substitute for a good book, but the Internet can be used as a tool to discover books which, in other circumstances, would never have been discovered otherwise.

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  3. this is awesome. Thanks for sharing this ( god, this sounds like spam already – haha ) , m gonna use all this on a little project that i am doing currently ( still sound like spam eh? ) 🙂


  4. Everything is always in opposition. That is the competitive spirit of life. The best of it all is what will finally happen, Books are becoming a lost love for the newer gens., but there is no substitute for a good book. When I read I have three stories going at once. The words I think will play out, the words I’m reading, and the words that that I believe should have been written. You don’t get that from movies, or the internet. The net is a great platform for promotion, and it makes finding that BOOK, much easier.

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