10 thoughts on “Internship Experience: Working for an Academic Publisher”

  1. Nice to know that “real” internships still exist….
    As a former publisher myself (previously based in HK, and with fond memories of visiting the HKU law faculty), I hope you can put this experience to good use!


    1. Thank you! Yes I know what you mean, and I’ve had a few internships from which I learned little about the industry or workplace environment in general. I do hope that this internship experience will allow me to learn a lot more about publishing, and eventually lead to other exciting positions!


  2. Congrats on the internship! I had a similar experience when I was an intern. I wrote copy, edited workbooks, worked with the graphics department, maintained product information, and more. Working with a small company, especially as an intern, is great because you get a variety of opportunities and can really find what you like doing.

    We have digital versions of most products, too. Actually, some are only available digitally. It allows instant access, which people seem to love. Plus you don’t have to carry books around. (Though I gravitate towards print books myself. Putting away the electronics from time to time is nice.)

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