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Transformation of Academic Publishing in the Digital Era

Dr. Frances Pinter talks about the ways in which “academic publishing needs to transform itself to respond to the opportunities and challenges of the digital age” in a one-hour seminar at the University of Oxford.

Video Credit: The Oxford Internet Institute

Publishing in China: New Trends

George Lossius, CEO of Publishing Technology Plc., provides an overview of publishing in China, which is the fastest growing publishing market in the world. In this video, he answers two main questions: How is Chinese publishing different (from the West)? What’s next for Chinese publishing? Speaking from a particular perspective of academic publishing, Lossius offers several predictions about the future development of publishing in China.

Video Credit: Publishing Technology

The Never-Ending Debate in Academic Journal Publishing


In a recent article Uprising: Less prestigious journals publishing greater share of high-impact papers, John Bohannon points out that “the dominance of the elite journals is eroding”, because relevant papers has become more accessible for scientists nowadays.

Indeed, the digitalisation of scientific resources has given rise to an evolution in academic publishing, redefining the way scientific papers are accessed, cited, and published. A paper published in a less known journal does not entail lower quality, and the significance of an academic journal (or its contribution to the field) cannot be evaluated solely on the impact factor that it receives. While the credibility of a journal still weighs a lot when researchers look for references, more and more are realising the importance of “relevance” rather than “reputation” when citing previous studies. Meanwhile, the scientific community anticipates (with much hope) any potential benefit when the world of academic publishing goes egalitarian.

Image Credit: Vilseskogen/FlickrScience