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Hachette: Selling Books Straight from Twitter


 reports that Hachette Book Group will start selling books straight from Twitter after announcing a partnership with Gumroad, a platform where creative works get around distributors and are directly sold to the readers/audience.  speculates in a more in-depth discussion that this experimental deal is Hachette’s battle hymn against Amazon.

Although Owen describes it as an “experiment” because the books are sold “for a limited time and in limited quantities” only, Holmes argues that such business models might be revolutionary in shaping the future of digital distribution. From what I have read so far, here are some of its advantages:

1. This partnership facilitates the integration of marketing and sales for Hachette Book Group, since much of the company’s book marketing and promotion is now done on the social media.

2. By providing valuable data for creators, Gumroad makes it easy for the creators to identify their potential audience, and to reach out directly to the audience for promotional purposes.

3. Both Gumroad and Hachette expresses a more “creator-friendly mentality” through this partnership, allowing the authors/creators to make more profit from selling the books, which is motivating and will benefit the publishing ecology, or the entire creative industry in general.

Thought of the day: Do you think this type of business model will be adopted by more publishing companies? What in your opinion might be a disadvantage?

Image Credit: Brad Jonas for Pando Daily