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Partnership Publishing: a ‘Third Way’?


In the article Between Traditional and Self-Publishing, a ‘Third Way’, Brooke Warner talks about how authors are moving toward hybrid publishing. She begins with discussing the contemporary publishing world, divided by traditional publishing and self-publishing, and says that now it has become much harder to get a contract with traditional publishers, while self-publishing presents multiple risks. Warner then introduces her own business as a “third-way publisher”, and how it distinguishes from traditional publisher and a self-publisher but is qualified for both.

Modeled on a traditional press, authors who take hybrid publishing approach are involved in the vetting, distribution, and marketing process. Warner describes this approach as a “middle ground” which provides flexibility while enhancing the opportunity of success for a book. However, to what extent can a hybrid publisher, or a “publishing partner” provide consultancy during the publishing process, when the marketing responsibility is almost entirely on the authors?  And while Warner confidently claims that  this model will be the future, one may find it difficult to evaluate the contribution of such role as a publishing partner, who seems to be highly involved in the selection process, but shies away from the rest of publishing process which has a great impact on the likelihood of success for a book.

Image Credit: corporate-advisor.com