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Collaborating to Improve Adolescent Literacy


Pearson releases news in a recent article Pearson Collaborates With Saddleback Educational Publishing to Close Gap in Adolescent Literacy, signifying the company’s embarkment on an endeavour with Saddleback Educational Publishing to improve the literacy level of struggling young readers.

Having worked in an educational publishing house myself, I sometimes wonder if the decline in adolescent literacy is not just due to a lack of educational resources (or the unequal distribution thereof) as a result of economic recession, but also because of the increasing distractions for adolescents growing up in a digital era. Educational publishing is a unique field in the publishing industry, because it carries the responsibility of nurturing the young generation’s literacy skills. I myself had been an adolescent until recently, but stepping into twenty-something has soon stirred my thinking about how can we possibly grab adolescents’ attention, and more importantly, maintain their attention to reading and writing, not only to gain knowledge but also to imagine, to get inspired, and to enjoy exploring the realms that they might not be privileged to visit in person.

Image Credit: ProjectLiteracyPearson